About Us

Helisel Aviation is a Ghanaian company incorporated to offer air transportation services with focus on the oil and gas exploration/production industry in Ghana. The airline satisfies the basic need for the upstream oil& gas target market with quick, efficient, punctual and reliable service at competitive prices.

Helisel Aviation will focus primarily on flying crews and light cargo to production platforms, vessels and rigs on demand/charter basis. Other support services such as ad-hoc charters, search & rescue, fire fighting and medical evacuations will also be part of the secondary revenue streams for the airline.

The company's operations are segmented in three tiers. These are:

  • Air Passenger
  • Air Cargo
  • Air Charter

The company also holds a permit issued by the Petroleum commission to undertake Upstream Petroleum Services having complied with the Ministerial Guidelines on the setting up of a Service Company issued under the authority of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Law (PNDCL 84) 1984.

Our Vision

We will be the preferred choice for air transportation in the Oil & Gas and Mining Sectors of West Africa


Our mission is to provide the safest and most efficient helicopter and fixed wing services in West Africa


SAFETY � Do it SAFELY or not at all

RESPECT � We have respect for colleagues, clients and stakeholders

Quality and Excellence � Set and achieve high standards in everything we do.

Integrity � Do the right thing