The EC225 offers superior speed, range, payload and reliability in a heavy twin-turbine helicopter. As the newest member of Eurocopter’s Super Puma family, the EC225 benefits from the application of proven technology and the experience of a worldwide customer base.

It is equipped with two 2,097 shp. Turbomeca Makila 2A turbine engines, and has full authority digital engine controls (FADEC) with dual duplex channels for high reliability. The five-blade main rotor and Spheriflex rotor head provide optimum reliability and lift performance, while the EC225’s main gearbox is reinforced to meet the aircraft's increased power and gross weight. The EC225 also sets new standards for safety, including a 30-minute run-dry gearbox and comprehensive de-icing capabilities.

Approximately 70 percent of the worldwide Super Puma fleet is operated for personnel transport in support of the offshore oil and gas industry, including EC225 now in U.S. service with Era Helicopters. The first EC225 for Era was delivered in February 2008, with seven more to follow through 2010. These aircraft are equipped to carry 19 passengers, offering the heavy-lift capacity and excellent range as oil industry exploration and production moves further offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

The EC225 has a maximum all-up weight with external load of 24,251 lbs. and a useful payload of 12,609 lbs. Fast cruise speed is 142 kts., and the helicopter has a sea-level range of 448 nm with standard fuel, extendable to over 600 nm with optional fuel tanks.

EC225 Helicopter

General data

Empty weight of standard aircraft: 11,852 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 24,251 lbs.

Useful load: 12,398 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight (with external load):24,690 lbs.

Usable fuel capacity (standard tank): 674 gal.

Powerplant: 2 Turbomeca Makila 2A

Cabin volume: 547.30 cu. ft.

Baggage compartment volume: Continuous Cabin

Standard seating capacity: 2+19

*Performance data

Maximum speed (VNE): 175 kts.

Fast cruise speed at SL: 142 kts.

Rate of climb at SL: 1,062 ft/min.

Service ceiling: 13,181 ft.

Hover ceiling IGE: 6,350 ft.

Hover ceiling OGE: 2,607 ft.

Range at SL with standard tank: 448 nm.

EC225 Helicopter